Top 20 Little Known Ways to Advertise Your Piano Studio

Yes , it just so happens there are 20 of them … !

First thing is First. You need a website. Well … you don’t NEED one , but trust me. It helps. A lot. So after you get a website (And a Blog if you want) you will need to go out there and Market yourself! Tenacity is the key and these 20 tips are a Sure Fire way to get people to notice. No , no , no … to FORCE them to notice you. So here we go!

1.) Create T shirts with your Studio Logo and Website URL and hand them out to the Homeless. Everyone will just LOVE your charitable style and possibly sign up for lessons.

2.) Offer the First Month of lessons absolutely FREE. For good measure, offer to pay potential clients for taking lessons. At least you’ll have a full studio?

3.) Design a new blog every week for an entire year. Link them all to each other and most importantly , link the homepage of your teaching studio. This will give you CraZy page rank!

4.) Ever consider plastering your vehicle with your Studio Website URL and Logo? Don’t just stop there. Apply this same method to your House. Try your Lawnmower as well!

5.) Assign Homework to your students. Tell them they need to hand out flyers to all their little school friends. Bribe them with candy if they show signs of declining. Offer them a brand new PS3 if you still can’t get them to crack.

6.) Custom design a 4 foot by 3 foot magnet and connect it to your shopping cart. Frequenting a busy supermarket during peak times is the best approach to gain Clients.

7.) Better yet, tattoo your Website URL on your forehead. Walk up close to everyone you see and ask them if they can read it well enough. This will guarantee LOTS of visitors!

8.) Pens , Pens, Pens. Thousands of them. Take out a small loan for $5,000 and get as many as you can. Hand them out to your local restaurants. The servers will LOVE free pens to use.

9.) Set your cat on fire and then dunk it in a bathtub full of water. Make sure you video tape this. Put this video on You Tube and end the video with your Website URL. This may get you in prison , but it’s definitely worth the risk.

10.) Better yet, purchase a 9 foot Steinway Concert Grand and set THAT on fire. Follow the same steps as the above. Send the video to all the major newspaper companies. People love CraZy antics and will be eager to see who you are and learn about you.

11.) Get a pet dog and walk him / her frequently in populated areas. Supply the little pet an outfit with your Website URL on it. The key to this is making sure it is an EXACT match to your outfit as well.

12.) Learn how to juggle and yo-yo at the same time. After mastering this art, do it in street corners all around densely populated areas. Children will love this and want to learn how. HINT: Invite them to take piano lessons as well … !

13.) Call other local piano teacher Studios and ask them to refer business to you. If they decline , beg them. If they still decline , consider further aggregated harassment until they give in.

14.) Enroll in piano classes with the busiest studios in your area. Impersonate a beginner. Get as many Teacher rosters as you can and call EVERY parent and inform them about how awful their current teacher is. Invite them to your studio instead!

15.) Find out the dates and locations of student recitals in your area. Picket the entrance and protest. Your sign should show your Website URL.

16.) Simply go door to door with pamphlets and tell them that “Jesus Saves those who can play Gospel / Hymn piano music”. Speak in an eerie and monotone voice. You might get a few ‘converts’ this way.

17.) Stand out on a street corner and make up a fake charity sign. Write your URL on the sign as well. You’ll get free money AND possible new students who think you are charitable.

18.) Get quality lipstick and trace your URL on all the most expensive looking cars at your local restaurants and supermarkets. They’ll have to notice you then!

19.) Donate $100 to every charity organization in your area. They might link to your site. Maybe …

20.) If you get completely desperate after trying the above 19, try this for a little edge. Post the most unwelcoming and heartless reviews on any and all competition sites within 50 miles. Those potential clients may look elsewhere and find your site instead!

Oh and make sure you start a blog in order to write a ‘List of the top 20 little known Secrets to Grow your Studio’ as your first Blog post. Compose the list while you are tired after a long day of teaching and piano studies. 2:00 am is a preferable time.

Try out these methods and please let me know if they work. ;)

2 thoughts on “Top 20 Little Known Ways to Advertise Your Piano Studio

    • Hi Mark! I didn’t know what else to write for my first blog post – Sadly, I did have quite a number of comments on my other posts but I screwed up wordpress files , didn’t back them up and had to start over from scratch. I’ve already had people link to my Zen article already – I am very excited about starting this blog. Maybe we could use your piano and set that on fire if you like the idea so much. =)

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