1,041 Santa Cruz B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $65 | HomeToGo (2024)

1,041 Santa Cruz B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $65 | HomeToGo (1)

1,041 Santa Cruz B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $65 | HomeToGo (2)

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B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz for Any Type of Traveler

Staying with a group of eight or more people in Santa Cruz?

HomeToGo offers numerous B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz that can accommodate ten or more guests and many bathrooms. Book unique B'n'Bs for large groups in Santa Cruz, complete with private pool, large kitchen, and lots of space to relax. February is the most affortable time to stay in Santa Cruz with a large group, when nightly prices for B'n'Bs will range from $169 to $1,003 per night. Start searching our available cabins for 8+ people and plan the perfect vacation!

Trying to plan a big family trip in Santa Cruz?

Search HomeToGo's offers of roomy B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz, able to accommodate a big family with 7+ rooms and several washrooms. Santa Cruz has tons of fun family-friendly activities to try, including hiking, swimming, biking, and many other activities. You will find lots of B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz have family-friendly options, including hot tubs, private pool, TV, games, and many others. Many B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz will cost around $443 per day for a family of 2 people but you can find lots of affordable options in Santa Cruz to choose from. Start searching for family-friendly B'n'Bs today!

Booking a private getaway in Santa Cruz with your spouse?

Book wonderful B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz for a romantic getaway, equipped with jacuzzi, spa, and a beautiful view of Santa Cruz's surrounding scenery. There are many fun activities to do with your partner on your couples trip, including hiking, swimming, biking, and many other outdoor activities. The cheapest month to book is February with prices starting at $65 per day. Browse HomeToGo's best offers for couples in Santa Cruz today!

Information about B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz

📏Average home size 169 m²
💳Highest rates in November
🛏️Popular home types Bed and breakfast rental and House rental
🌡️Hottest months 77 °F in September and October
❄️Coldest months 37 °F in January and December
🌧️Rainiest months 12 rainy days in March and December

Frequently Asked Questions

B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz: What is the price per night for a stay?

On average, you can get a great vacation home from $169 and find discounts up to 53%!

B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz: can I find a vacation home suitable for a group?

in Santa Cruz, large groups should look for House rental since they can fit 7 people.

B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz: what types of vacation homes can I book?

We would suggest checking out our selection of Bed and breakfast rentals and House rentals in Santa Cruz.

Are there any B'n'Bs with hot tubs in Santa Cruz?

Absolutely! A supreme relaxation experience awaits you during your stay in Santa Cruz! Refresh after a day of hiking or simply to relax and recharge with your loved ones - book a B'n'B offering a hot tub.

Are there any B'n'Bs are close to water in Santa Cruz?

HomeToGo offers 1024 waterfront B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz. You will be in a short distance from the water to relax and swim. Some of our B'n'Bs also offer direct access to the beach.

What's the best time to rent a B'n'B in Santa Cruz?

If you'd like to rent a B'n'B in Santa Cruz in summer, keep in mind that summer, particularly in September and October, is characterized by temperatures around 77°F. If you're thinking of renting a B'n'B in Santa Cruz during the winter, January and December are usually the coldest months, with temperatures reaching 37°F.

Can I book a B'n'B with a pool in Santa Cruz?

Sure! Check out our selection of Santa Cruz B'n'Bs with pools for $374 per night on average!

Are there any pet-friendly B'n'Bs in Santa Cruz?

We understand that it can be hard to enjoy traveling without your pets This is why there are 122 pet-friendly B'n'Bs on HomeToGo ready to welcome your four-legged companion.

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1,041 Santa Cruz B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $65 | HomeToGo (2024)
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