Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (2024)

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (1) Pixie-Bob Cats for Sale The Pixie-Bob is a domestic cat visually resembling the North American Bobcat. Despite its fierce look, the Pixie-Bob is noted for its loving, trustworthy and tractable personality. Breeders: To advertise, please contact the Breed Sales Team for more information. You may also choose to fill out your information online so that one of our representatives may contact you. Breeders: To advertise, please contact the Breed Sales Team for more information. SPECIAL AGENT PIXIEBOBS -- Distinctive wild looks. Happy, healthy, well-adjusted guaranteed. LIVING LEGEND PIXIEBOBS -- Best in the East. WAR CLOUD EXOTICS -- Pixiebobs, Bengals and other exotic-looking companions. Beautiful, large and healthy. Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Snowcap Pixiebobs - Home of CarolBrewer, the breed founder's, last breeding-cats. WILOWTREE PIXIES -- Love that purrs. KAPERKATS PIXIE BOBS -- 22 years of selective breeding. Kay Doyle, Seattle, WA; Leejo's & Evergreen Pixie-Bobs.

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (2)Strive for quality, Old Northwest lines shipped anywhere in the U.S. Lee Jordan. Cat of the Day Hi, my name is Visit the photo gallery to cast your vote Get quick tips for happy cats, food recall info, news alerts and best behavior advice. Like Us on FACEBOOK HOLY SEE (VATICAN CITY) SAINT KITTS AND NEV SAINT VINCENT AND T SAO TOME AND PRINCI ST. PIERRE AND MIQU SVALBARD AND JAN MA TURKS AND CAICOS IS WALLIS AND FUTUNA I Search only for listings with : or more of the following breeds (select as many as you want). European BurmesePersian - Silver/Golden American Bobtail LHHavana BrownPersian - Solid American Bobtail SHJapanese Bobtail LHPersian - Tabby American Curl LHJapanese Bobtail SHRagamuffin American WirehairLaPerm LHRussian Blue BalineseLaPerm SHScottish Fold LH BengalMaine CoonScottish Fold SH BirmanManx LH Selkirk Rex LH BombayManx SHSelkirk Rex SH British ShorthairNorwegian Forest CatSiamese

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (3) Burmese (Sable and Dilute)OcicatSiberian Colorpoint SHPersian (General - All types)Sphynx Cornish RexPersian - Bi-ColorTonkinese Devon RexPersian - HimalayanTurkish Angora Egyptian MauPersian - ParticolorTurkish VanSee who's available for adoption! Current Events & News There are SO MANY EASY ways to help your favorite rescue! Visit the How can you help page of our website and find out how much a little can do!Gun Safe Movers San Bernardino PLEASE: We are in URGENT NEED of FOSTER HOMES. Chow Chow Puppies For Sale SingaporePlease read through our Foster Information page and fill out a Foster Application!Homes For Sale 16105 F3 and F6 Available Now!Bengal Cat For Sale In Bangalore

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (4) Why adopt from us? First registered breeder of beautiful Savannah cats in Toronto & Aurora TICA and CCA registered Member of TICA's "Responsible Breeder's Program" and awarded "TICA Outstanding Cattery" Savannah to Savannah breeding only Quality and health guaranteed Beautiful, exotic Savannah cats Most importantly ... happy and healthy animals!Rv For Sale Findlay Ohio Toronto & Aurora, Ontario, Canada92 Inch Wide Bamboo Blinds Listed in Brown Bengals, Snow BengalsHavanese Puppies For Adoption In Ky Agree to Breeders Code of Ethics Associations cattery is registered inTeacup Yorkie Pups For Sale In Ky

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (5) Our Bengals have beautiful, bold markings, striking features, rich coat coloration with vibrant hues and crisp rosettes. Our cats are highly sought after around the world for their correct features, powerful appearances, and championship genetics. We are a small, in-home hobby breeder, raising one litter at a time. Our Bengals kittens for sale are raised in the home underfoot.Old House For Sale In Miyapur They are well socialized in a family environment with children and other pets.Country Homes For Sale In Owosso Mi Our kittens are handled from the moment they are born to insure they will have the sweetest and most lovable temperament possible.Homes For Sale Latham Park Greensboro Nc All of our cats are treated as though they are our only pet.Corgi Puppies Kansas City

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (6) We pride ourselves with a clean and healthy cattery with handable cats and kittens, it’s all about Quality, not quantity! Please login or register to add your review. Authentically VictoriaRegarded as a Condé Nast Readers' Choice and Gold List hotel, and honouredwith the Travel + Leisure distinction as atop Canadian hotel, the Fairmont Empress graces Victoria's sparkling Inner Harbour with an iconic presence.House For Sale At Rccg CampThis luxury hotel in Victoria, British Columbia,offers 464 beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites, and expansive meeting and weddingspace adjacent to the conference centre. Unfinished Bamboo Flooring CostLocated on the picturesque West Coast of Canada, this is the ideal location to explore all the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.Important Fairmont Empress Renovation notice: From October 1, 2016 to approximately May 31, 2017 the hotel will be embarking on Phase Two of our iconic restoration project. Used Furniture For Sale In Kingston Jamaica

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (7)During this time, the work will be focused on the north wing, which includes the main lobby, health club, spa, and 229 guestrooms. The newly renovated south wing will remain largely unaffected by the work taking place. Our check-in location over this period will be in the Victoria Conference Centre Pavilion located off Douglas Street (please see directions below).Our Pool and Health Club will be open normal hours until November 1. Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale MontrealThe Willow Stream Spa will re-open and resume business as usual on January 1, 2017. Pulsar 180 Rear Tyre Price In IndiaFor all hotel guests we have secured access to the pool and health club at the nearby Parkside Hotel to use at your convenience and transportation to the Parkside Hotel is available upon request. Used Rims For Sale Shreveport

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (8)We will also have a selection of cardio equipment available within the hotel. Tea at The Empress and access to Q at The Empress restaurant and bar will remain fully functional and operate at normal hours. Rest assured, we are making every effort to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum throughout this process. For more information on these exciting plans, we invite you to visit our renovations page.Garage Door Stops Halfway ClosingCheck-in Directions: Follow the Trans-Canada Highway (Douglas Street) south past Humboldt Street and turn right immediately after the Victoria Conference Centre. Pups Sale Grand RapidsCheck-in will be located on your right hand side in the Victoria Conference Centre Pavilion. Dunlop Tires For Motorcycle For Sale In Cebu

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (9)There will be signage and Fairmont Empress Staff there to assist with luggage, directions and to answer any questions you may have. Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont EmpressWillow Stream Spa features full-service spa experiences and is regarded as one of the best spas in Canada. Perfect for bridal showers and private events, thenail salon provides the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Affordable Tire Brake SeattleLet us help you find your energy at Willow Stream Spa.Meetings and EventsFairmont Empress is Vancouver Island's largest convention and events destination. Outdoor Blinds RyeUnparalleled venue facilities onsite, proximity to the Victoria Conference Centre and sustainable meeting options making Victoria the ideal location for the most discerning planner.Used Stall Drapes For Sale

Bengal Cats For Sale Vancouver Island (2024)


How much should I pay for a Bengal cat? ›

For a pet Bengal kitten, the current average price is $1,500 – $3,000 (USD) when buying from a good breeder. Several factors affect this price, including the kitten's traits, what the breeder includes with the kitten, and most importantly, the level of breeder care that went into raising the kitten.

How much does a Bengal cat cost in Canada? ›

We charge between $1,300 – $2,000 for a Bengal Kitten. Each kitten is individually priced. Good Bengals are not cheap.

Is it worth getting a Bengal cat? ›

Bengal cats are very loving, loyal and a dedicated part of the family unit as they possess a good temperament with children. They are commonly very playful and enjoy interaction with people on a regular basis to show off their cheeky sense of humour and mischievous nature.

What two cats make a Bengal cat? ›

The Bengal is a relatively modern cat, developed in the 1990s in the USA by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis; a small, strikingly marked wild cat from South West Asia) with the domestic tabby cats and other short haired breeds such as the Abyssinian, Burmese, and Egyptian Mau.

What is the lifespan of a Bengal cat? ›

The average life expectancy of a Bengal is between 12 to 16 years when properly cared for and fed an appropriate, good quality diet to suit their ages. Bengals are known to be a healthy breed.

Are Bengal cats high maintenance? ›

Bengals do as a rule tend to be demanding and fairly high maintenance cats. They often bond strongly with their families and can be very demanding of their time and attention, which is just what many people want-but of course, this is not for everyone, and can drive some owners mad!

What are the downsides of Bengal cats? ›

They also have minimal grooming requirements. However, Bengals are highly energetic and intelligent. If you do not commit enough time to entertaining them and giving them attention, they can become destructive. They are not suitable for owners seeking a quiet lap cat.

Are male or female Bengal cats better? ›

If you are looking for a cat who will be less reactive to meeting new animals and is more likely to interact with the family indiscriminately, you may be better off with a male. For people wanting to harness train, the male instincts lend themselves better to meeting strange animals while out on a walk.

Why are Bengal cats so special? ›

Bengal cats are special due to their unique and stunning appearance, high intelligence, and playful nature. They also love water, which sets them apart from other cat breeds.

Are Bengal cats bigger than a normal house cat? ›

Bengal cats are usually larger than other domesticated felines. These cats weigh between 8 and 18 pounds, with males weighing more than females. Their height is typically around 13 to 16 inches tall. However, some male Bengals can grow to 16+ inches tall (prime candidates for cat basketball) and weigh up to 22 pounds!

Can you have a Bengal cat as a house cat? ›

Are Bengal Cats Indoor Cats? Bengal cats are often kept indoors and can be easily trained to use a litter box. They like most other cat breeds will want keep these home space immaculately clean. Be aware though that if you have an unneutered male it will start spraying around the house to leave its scent.

How much should a Bengal kitten be? ›

While the breed may not be guaranteed, many shelters already spay/neuter and vaccinate adopted cats. Breeder: Provides the assurance of a purebred Bengal cat, with costs ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 for kittens.

Why are Bengal cats so expensive? ›

Because they are rare, you usually have to pay a pretty penny for a kitten. Finding them at adoption centers or shelters is nearly impossible. Furthermore, because these cats are more active, you'll need to pay more upfront for cat trees, toys, and similar equipment.

Do Bengal cats have special needs? ›

Bengals are highly intelligent, energetic and require plenty of mental stimulation and opportunities to exercise. They are known to be quite vocal, and will make sure you know if they want something!

What is the most expensive cat? ›

Ashera Cat | >$125,000

The Ashera cat is considered the most expensive cat breed in the world, with prices reaching up to $100,000 or more. This is due to its rarity and the fact that it is a hybrid breed, created by breeding an African serval, an Asian leopard cat, and a domestic house cat.

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