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"Diablo was a young person. His parents always treated him like garbage, and always pressures him. His parents named him Diablo, they thought it was a nice unique name, little did they know it was 'Devil'. That attracted more Demons into Diablo. One day, Diablo said "I wish for my parents to disappear, and I will even do anything, I will even be a demon and be the darkest and worst person in the earth! I wish my parents to be gone". Then the next day, he saw a demon book next to him. It has a contract saying "Sign this if you will promise to the leader of devils you will never pray to anyone else except us and you will not leave us. We will try to do anything for you if you sign this contract", Diablo signed it without any hesitations. When he signed it, he saw a demon sitting next to him. Diablo shocked in fear when he saw the demon. He tried running out of his room, but the door was closed and the lights keeps flickering. The demon was explaining (not in horror), and then Diablo stopped being afraid. His parents checked his bedroom, to bring him to school. They didn't see him there. They thought that he escaped, and they were shocked. They called the cops, but that had nothing to do. Diablo finally learned demon stuff and the demon requested him to use a special fruit called; Dark. The demon explained him how to awaken it. And so did he. He and the demons finished the raid. He awakened his fruit. As he train more, and awaken more abilities, the demon offered him one more thing. Diablo shares his soul with a demon (50% to him, and 50% to the demon), in exchange for his parents to disappear. He did it, with a few thoughts before accepting the deal. Diablo was a good person, and he didn't use any of his abilities for anything bad. However, when he accepted the deal, the demon started to use his special fruit, and abuse it. Until one day, the demon was burned in hell, so Diablo had his soul back, without any loss. Diablo loves to travel, so he keeps traveling in different locations. One day when he was traveling, again a demon offered him; "Sign this contract, and I will never make you die. You will come back from the dead (similar to respawning) when you die. But you lose all your items, except demons stuff". So of course Diablo did it. The demon didn't really do that much, but he helped Diablo to fight the gods. Diablo traveled, and sometimes he finds items, such as Hunter Cape, Bandana, and something rare when fighting the gods and winning, the god chalice. Some people was jealous of Diablo, so they traded with the demons. The demons said only 2 people left can be like Diablo. And so the 2 people was Deandre and Urban. Urban was the strongest person for this, he is known for having insane daily routines and trainings, making him the strongest person. While Deandre as the easiest (because of his ken-trickable abilities). Later on, Diablo, Deandre and Urban teamed up. But they split, because only one can travel, and the rest cant. The rest will be locked up in hell, and one gets to be free. So they stopped teaming, instead to fight and be the one to go up in freedom. Urban didn't really care, because he like being in hell, that makes him rare to having freedom sometimes. While Deandre and Diablo being most common. After a couple days, people started to see them roaming around, they saw his abilities and referred to them as 'Elite Pirates'. Some people got jealous, some people didn't. Until one day, a person named Jack (concept name), knew that the Elite Pirates had rare items. He told people to kill the Elite Pirates, for rare items. Every quest someone completes for him, he gets stronger. When an Elite Pirate dies, a demon soul was locked from the person who has killed it. That's why you need 20-30 kills to get a sword possessed by a demon, Yama. Yama is a cursed sword, that was from a strong demon, locked inside. It needs a person who at least has 20-30 demons souls, those demon souls fight the strongest demon, 20 demon souls has a really low chance of winning the fight. If they win the fight, Yama will accept the person who has 20-30 demon souls. They are like soldiers, who fights the devil/demon inside an evil sword, Yama. Some people killed many Elite Pirates for Yama, kill it for the god chalice to spawn Dough King or Rip Indra, and kill it for Accessories. One day, Diablo actually missed his parents. He never saw them again, and now his left 'alone', or at least not alone. He regret trading with the demons, but he can't undo anything. So Diablo kept traveling only, and this continues the cycle. When one of the Elite Pirates is not outside traveling, they will be locked in hell, it is under the Gravestone, located in Haunted Castle. When you pray to the Elite Pirates, only sometimes they can feel it. If they feel it, they will gift you either a god chalice, or some EXP. And they sometimes ignore it. If the person has prayed in a full moon, automatically all prayers are answered by the devil leader."


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Edit: Mentioned Gravestone & Haunted Castle

Diablo means "Devil" in English. (translated by Spanish)

Urban is a name with Latin Roots, it means "from the city".

Deandre is a strong, courageous type of person. This comes from America origins.

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