How to Play Pick 3 Lottery - Florida (2024)

With twice-daily chances at some serious cash, every day could be your lucky day with Pick 3. The FIREBALL prize multiplier and frequent drawings makes Pick 3 a Jackpocket favorite.

Find out how to play Pick 3 with the Florida lottery—and (fingers-crossed) winning Pick 3. And when you're ready? Get your Pick 3 ticket right on the Jackpocket lottery app!

In a Nutshell

Pick 3 is a twice-daily lottery game played and won in Florida.

Cost: $0.50 or $1.00 per play

Top Prize: $500

Drawings: Twice daily, seven days per week, at approximately 1:30 PM and 9:45 PM, ET.

How to Play Florida’s Pick 3

Florida’s Pick 3 is a cinch to play. Pick three (3) numbers between 0-9. Try your lucky ones or use Quick Pick on the Jackpocket app for randomly-generated numbers. To win the top prize of $500, match 3 of 3 numbers in the order they're drawn. This is known in Pick 3 as a Straight.

When you think about how to play Pick 3 in the Florida lottery, did you know there are multiple ways to win?

We’ve discussed the Straight, where your numbers are drawn in the exact order you selected them. Now, let’s talk about Box. Box is similar to straight, except it doesn’t matter in what order the numbers are drawn. There’s Box 3-way and Box 6-way:

Box 3-way means there are three combinations of numbers that indicate you are a winner. Let’s say the numbers drawn were 4-4-5. You could win with:

  • 4-4-5
  • 4-5-4
  • 5-4-4

Box 6-way increases the number of possible combinations. For example, 6-7-8 are the numbers drawn. With a Box 6-way wager, you win when any of these combinations are drawn:

  • 6-7-8
  • 6-8-7
  • 7-6-8
  • 7-8-6
  • 8-6-7
  • 8-7-6

Then there’s Straight/Box. This is a combination of Straight and Box, where you are betting on both options, so you’re a winner either way! This option increases your odds and is known as 50/50 on the Jackpocket app.

Lastly, there’s theCombo option. You pick your lucky numbers and you’ll get all the possible Straight combinations included in your order. With a regular Straight wager, you have to pick the winning numbers AND pick them in the order they’re drawn. You can Jackpocket Combo cover all the ways your numbers could be drawn.

Bet on the first two or the last two numbers to be drawn. This is known as Front Pair (#1, #2 of the three numbers drawn) or Back Pair (#2, #3 of the three numbers drawn). In this scenario, you are choosing two numbers instead of three, as above.

Wager Types Available On Jackpocket

Straight (or Exact)

Win by matching the numbers in the exact order drawn

Box (or Any)

Win by matching the numbers in any order drawing.

Jackpocket Combo

Cover all possible straight combinations in one easy order.


Want to make your experience a little more interesting? Add FIREBALL to your ticket (an extra $1) for more chances to win!

The FIREBALL number is drawn following the Florida PICK 3 Daily Games™drawingsand can be used to replace any number drawn, giving you an extra chance to create more winning combinations. Sounds sweet, right? Adding FIREBALL doubles the price of your base play ticket and applies to all three number picks.

Pick 3 Prizes & Odds

Players who match all 3 of thewinning numbersdrawn in the official PICK 3™ drawing for the date played can win up to $500, depending on the play type and the amount played.

Base Game Odds and Prize Payouts
FIREBALL Game Odds and Prize Payouts
Play TypesOddsPrize PayoutsOddsPrize Payouts
STRAIGHT50¢ Play$1.00 Play50¢ Play$1.00 Play
BOX50¢$1.00 Play50¢ Play$1.00 Play
3 WAY1:333.33$80$1601:111$34$68
6 WAY1:166.67$40$801:56$17$34
3 WAY1:1,000 & 1:333.33$80$3301:333 & 1:111$34$134
6 WAY1:1,000 & 1:166.67$40$2901:333 & 1:56$17$117
PAIRS50¢ Play$1.00 Play50¢ Play$1.00 Play
FRONT PAIR1:100$25$501:33$10$20
BACK PAIR1:100$25$501:33$10$20

How do you claim a Pick 3 prize?

The Florida Pick 3 drawings are held twice daily, seven days per week, at approximately 1:30 PM and 9:45 PM, ET. The perk of using Jackpocket? We'll notify you by email if you win!

For prizes $599.00 and under (the redemption threshold amount in Florida), Jackpocket instantly credits your account for the full amount. If you got your ticket from a lottery retailer, you visit any authorized Florida lottery retailer to claim your prize.

If you win $599.50 or more by ordering your ticket on Jackpocket, we arrange to have the ticket securely transferred to you so that you can claim your prize from the Florida Lottery District office. This is the same if you picked up your ticket at a lottery retailer.

If you bought your Pick 3 ticket in person from a brick-and-mortar retailer, check the FL state lottery website for more information on how to claim your prize from a retailer or via a claim form with the Florida Lottery.

Join the Pick 3 Fun on Jackpocket

Feeling like a soon-to-be Pick 3 champ? Head over to the Jackpocket app to join the next Pick 3. Good luck!

How to Play Pick 3 Lottery - Florida (2024)


How to Play Pick 3 Lottery - Florida? ›

A combo is a play covering all straight combinations of a 3-digit number and will cost $1.50 to $6.00 depending upon the amount played (50 cents or $1.00) and the number of like digits in the 3-digit number selected.

What is the combo method in pick 3? ›

A combo is a play covering all straight combinations of a 3-digit number and will cost $1.50 to $6.00 depending upon the amount played (50 cents or $1.00) and the number of like digits in the 3-digit number selected.

What is the most common Pick 3 winning number? ›

What Are the Most Popular Pick 3 Numbers?
  • 123. Sequential numbers are widely popular for their simplicity. ...
  • 777. Often associated with luck, 777 is a favorite among hopefuls. ...
  • 000. Triple zeros are selected for their uniqueness and simplicity. ...
  • 999. ...
  • 222. ...
  • 555. ...
  • 369. ...
  • 258.

How much do you win on pick 3 any order in Florida? ›

1. A "Straight and 3-way box" play pays a winner $330.00 if a player's digits as printed on the player's ticket, match, in exact order, the official PICK 3 winning numbers for the drawing, or $80.00 if the player's digits match, in any other order, the official PICK 3 winning numbers for the drawing.

What is the best lottery ticket to win in Florida? ›


Yep, if you want the best odds of any Florida Lottery ticket, reach for the $20 GRL. The overall odds of winning something on this ticket is 1:2.65.

What is the difference between box and combo in lottery? ›

STRAIGHT: Selected numbers must match winning numbers in exact order. COMBO: Selected numbers may match winning numbers in exact order (Straight) or any order (Box). $100 417 $29 104 1-2-3-4 BOX: Selected numbers may match winning numbers in any order.

How do you play Florida Pick 3 combo? ›

Choose a panel and select one number (from 0 through 9) from each column for a total of three digits. You may choose the same number in multiple columns or switch it up. Or, mark the QP (Quick Pick) box and let the terminal randomly select some or all of your numbers.

Can you win with 3 numbers? ›

You will win $10 if you match 3 Mega Millions numbers. The odds are 1 in 606, meaning for every 606 tickets you buy there's a chance that 1 ticket will match 3 numbers.

What four-digit number comes out the most? ›

What Is the Most Popular Four-digit Lottery Number?
  • 1111. Quadruple ones are a popular choice due to their simplicity and the visual appeal of repeating digits. ...
  • 1234. This sequence is favored for its simplicity and the sequential order of the digits. ...
  • 7777. ...
  • 9999. ...
  • 1212. ...
  • 2222. ...
  • 0000. ...
  • 5678.
May 10, 2024

What are the best numbers to pick in the lottery? ›

Using the most commonly drawn winning numbers can increase your chances of winning. The three most common winning numbers overall are 61, 32 and 63. Other top numbers are 21, 36, 69, 39, 23, 59 and 62. Choosing the most commonly drawn Powerball numbers can increase your odds, namely 24, 18, 4, 10 and 21.

What is a 3-way box? ›

If two (2) of the three (3) numbers played are identical (e.g. 112), there are only three (3) possible combinations of those numbers. This type of box play is called a “3-way box”.

What does "straight box" mean? ›

Straight/Box means a straight and box wager, for the same amount, the same number and the same day, on one Ticket. It is played only in even-dollar increments.

What is the most you can win on Cash 3? ›

About Cash 3. All it takes are the right three-digit numbers and you could win up to $500!

What's the easiest lottery ticket to win? ›

6/38 pools, A lottery with a difference!

You only need to match 6 from 38 numbers in the draw to win the 1st Division Prize. 6/38 pools is 66% easier to win than lotteries which use 45 numbers, making it one of the easiest lotteries in the world to win.

What retailer sells the most winning lottery tickets in Florida? ›

Florida Lottery data shows most winning retailers
2PUBLIX #1201128
4PUBLIX #654127
6 more rows
Nov 11, 2022

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Florida? ›

Florida is another state that does not tax lottery winnings. Individuals who win the lottery in Florida are not required to pay state taxes on their winnings. However, federal income taxes may still apply to lottery prizes.

What is a 3 way combo? ›

Combo (3-Way means a type of Combo Play in which a Player places a wager on all three (3) possible combinations of a Pick 3 number where two (2) of the three (3) digits are identical (Example: 112, 121, 211).

What does combination mean in lottery? ›

Winning Combination means one or more digits, numbers, or symbols randomly selected by the Lottery in a drawing that has been certified. Winning Combination means the combination of numbers randomly selected during a drawing.

How many pick 3 combinations? ›

In any Pick 3 game, there are 3 digit positions, with each position containing a digit from 0 to 9. If one were to list all of the possible combinations of digits in each of the three positions, there would be a total of 1,000 different number combinations.

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