CIF-SS softball playoffs: Thursday’s scores, updated schedule for all divisions (2024)



Wild-card round, Thursday

A: Capistrano Valley 4, Marina 2

B: Huntington Beach 8, Roosevelt 7

C: Chino Hills 5, Moorpark 0

D: Great Oak 7, Torrance 2

E: JSerra 11, Esperanza 1

F: Oaks Christian 7, Santa Margarita 4

G: South Hills 8, Vista Murrieta 2

First round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

Capistrano Valley at Orange Lutheran

Camarillo at Canyon/Anaheim

Huntington Beach at Riverside Poly

Chino Hills at Murrieta Mesa

Great Oak at Norco

JSerra vs. La Mirada at Glenn HS

Oaks Christian at Los Alamitos

South Hills at Pacifica


First round, Thursday

El Modena 10, Grand Terrace 0

Mater Dei 5, Millikan 4 (9 innings)

Beaumont 1, St. Paul 0

Ayala 6, Sunny Hills 1

Tesoro 2, Westlake 0

Gahr 10, El Toro 1

Temple City 8, Temescal Canyon 2

Rio Mesa 10, Kennedy 0

Rosary 9, North Torrance 4

Cypress 8, Bonita 7

Whittier Christian 3, Mission Viejo 2

Aliso Niguel 5, Foothill 1

Valley View 13, Yucaipa 3

La Serna 5, Ramona 0

Second round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

El Modena at Mater Dei

Beaumont at Ayala

Tesoro at Gahr

Rio Mesa at Temple City

Rosary at California

Whittier Christian at Cypress

Valley View at Aliso Niguel

La Serna at Valencia/V


First round, Thursday

West Torrance 2, Claremont 0

Arlington 8, Northview 0

Woodbridge 4, Burroughs/Burbank 3

Fullerton 4, Hart 3

Redondo 5, El Segundo 0

Sierra Canyon 6, Saugus 0

La Canada 7, Cerritos 4

Etiwanda 9, Long Beach Poly 2

Aquinas 6, Cajon 2

Santa Fe 1, Yorba Linda 0

Bishop Amat 15, Los Altos 2

ML King 6, Arcadia 1

Charter Oak 1, Lakewood 0

Royal 3, Beckman 0

Agoura 9, Segerstrom 4

Upland 18, Notre Dame/So 4

Second round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

West Torrance at Arlington

Woodbridge at Fullerton

Redondo at Sierra Canyon

Etiwanda at La Canada

Santa Fe at Aquinas

Bishop Amat at ML King

Royal at Charter Oak

Agoura at Upland


First round, Thursday

JW North 3, Oxnard 1

Norwalk 5, Covina 4

Jurupa Hills 9, Northwood 7

Oak Hills 13, Monrovia 3

Downey 7, Hillcrest 6

Chaminade 16, Chino 6

Mira Costa 8, Elsinore 2

Schurr 14, Irvine 0

Paraclete 12, Burbank 2

San Marcos 15, Flintridge Sacred Heart 5

La Quinta/LQ 4, Hemet 0

Santa Monica 16, Santa Paula 0

Sultana 7, Long Beach Wilson 2

Diamond Bar 19, Don Lugo 9

Orange Vista 10, San Dimas 1

Crescenta Valley 3, Newbury Park 1

Second round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

Norwalk at JW North

Oak Hills at Jurupa Hills

Downey at Chaminade

Schurr at Mira Costa

Paraclete at San Marcos

La Quinta/LQ at Santa Monica

Sultana at Diamond Bar

Crescenta Valley at Orange Vista


First round, Thursday

Palos Verdes 12, Bishop Montgomery 2

West Ranch 18, Duarte 10

Carter 13, Artesia 12

Quartz Hill 10, Apple Valley 0

Liberty 9, Palm Desert 7

Mark Keppel 3, Anaheim 1

Garden Grove 12, Barstow 6

Grace 9, Arroyo 1

Providence/B 6, Ocean View 5

South El Monte 7, Silverado 0

South Hills 15, Coachella Valley 0

Valley Christian/C 6, Highland 3

Linfield Christian 10, Western Christian 0

Paloma Valley 8, San Jacinto 7

Fillmore 10, Bellflower 0

St. Bonaventure 7, Village Christian 2

Second round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

Palos Verdes at West Ranch

Quartz Hill at Carter

Liberty at Mark Keppel

Grace at Garden Grove

Providence at South El Monte

Valley Christian at Shadow Hills

Paloma Valley at Linfield Christian

Fillmore at St. Bonaventure


First round, Thursday

Ganesha 12, San Gorgonio 0

Harvard-Westlake 21, Bethel Christian/R 1

Granite Hills 11, Flintridge Prep 1

Lancaster 5, Savanna 1

Indio 13, Rancho Verde 3

Calvary Chapel/SA 5, Santa Rosa Academy 4

Santiago/GG 8, Rio Hondo Prep 0

St. Joseph/Lakewood 12, Ontario Christian 2

Viewpoint 2, Cantwell Sacred Heart 1

Pioneer 14, Eisenhower 3

Mayfield 7, Costa Mesa 3

University Prep 4, San Jacinto Valley 3

Canyon Springs 10, Edgewood 0

Capistrano Valley Christian 12, Sierra Vista 6

Paramount 8, Colton 3

Tahquitz 7, Vasquez 6

Second round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

Harvard-Westlake at Ganesha

Granite Hills at Lancaster

Indio at Calvary Chapel/SA

Santiago/GG at St. Joseph/Lakewood

Viewpoint at Pioneer

University at Mayfield

Canyon Springs at Capistrano Valley Christian

Paramount at Tahquitz


First round, Thursday

Oxford Academy 19, Notre Dame/Riverside 4

Hawthorne MSA 9, Valley Christian/SM 2

AB Miller 12, Desert Christian/Lancaster 1

Los Amigos 1, St. Genevieve 0

Yucca Valley 16, Loma Linda Academy 2

Faith Baptist 14, Garey 3

Riverside Prep 8, Bishop Conaty 5

Pasadena Poly 14, Hawthorne 1

Eastside 17, Sacred Heart LA 3

Lennox Academy 5, Western 0

Vista Del Lago 11, San Bernardino 1

Cathedral City 15, Crossroads 1

Academy Career & Exploration 23, Nuview Bridge 2

Leuzinger 23, Animo Leadership 10

Orangewood Academy 8, Academy Academic Excellence 6

Muir 8, Coastal Christian 4

Second round, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

Hawthorne MSA at Oxford Academy

AB Miller at Los Amigos

Faith Baptist at Yucca Valley

Pasadena Poly at Riverside Prep

Lennox Academy at Eastside

Vista del Lago at Cathedral City

Academy Career Exploration at Leuzinger

Orangewood Academy at Muir


First round, Thursday

Hesperia Christian 19, St. Pius-St. Matthias 2

Cornerstone Christian/W 20, Redlands Adventist 10

Temecula Prep 9, Cal Lutheran 2

Orange 22, Mesa Grande 1

United Christian Academy 10, Santa Ana Valley 6

Excelsior Charter 15, Santa Ana 3

The Archer School 26, Calvary Baptist 0

Jurupa Valley 17, Compton Early College 0

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

Cornerstone Christian/W at Hesperia Christian

Temecula Prep at Orange

United Christian Academy at Excelsior Charter

Jurupa Valley at The Archer School

CIF-SS softball playoffs: Thursday’s scores, updated schedule for all divisions (2024)


Is there a mercy rule in CIF softball? ›

Mercy Rule 2700.1 will be used for Wildcard and 1st round contests. Playoff brackets that have 25 or more automatic entries will utilize a 32 Team Playoff format. Playoff brackets that have 24 or less automatic entries will utilize a 16 Team playoff format.

What is CIF in softball? ›

Softball - California Interscholastic Federation - Central Section Athletics. Softball.

How many points is mercy rule in softball? ›

There will be a 15 run mercy rule in effect at the end of 3 complete innings and a 12 run mercy rule after 4 complete innings, and a 10 run mercy rule after 5 complete innings each team can score a maximum of 7 runs per inning(exception: last inning is unlimited).

Is there a slaughter rule in college softball? ›

College softball mercy rule, explained

If the visiting team reaches the eight-run limit in the fifth inning or thereafter, the home team must be given a chance to score enough runs to avoid getting run-ruled. Otherwise, the umpire may call the game complete.

What does C mean in softball? ›

Below is a standard softball position chart with numbers for each position. Pitcher (P) is fielder #1. Catcher (C) is fielder #2. First Baseman (1B) is fielder #3. Second Baseman (2B) is fielder #4.

How are CIF divisions determined? ›

SPORTS. Playoff divisions will be determined by using current year computer rankings along with "base" divisions. A team can only move up or down one division from their "base" division.

What is the rule 600 in CIF? ›

Rule 600 is a regulation created by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) that mandates student-athletes to only play for one team during a single season. In other words, it forces players to choose between playing on their club team or playing on their school team.

Is there a 10 run rule in women's college softball? ›

For softball, the rule is 12 after three innings and 10 after five. However, since the home team has the last at-bat, the rules usually allow visiting teams to score an unlimited number of runs in the top half of an inning.

Is there a mercy rule in CIF football? ›

Mercy Rule – At the conclusion of the third quarter or any point thereafter, if there is a point differential of 35 or more points, a running clock shall be instituted for the remainder of the game regardless of the score.

How many innings are in CIF softball? ›

CIF Sections are authorized to limit Junior Varsity softball games to seven innings or a maximum of 2 hours, whichever occurs first. No new inning shall begin after 2 hours have expired from the start of the game.

Why is there a mercy rule in softball? ›

The high-scoring elements of the game helped prompt the "run-ahead" rule, allowing teams to clinch a win early if they have taken a significant-enough lead against the competition. In 2022, national champion Oklahoma won via run-ahead rule 41 times out of 62 games.

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